Squirrel GPS - How to Call Momma Squirrel and Request a Pickup


There are times momma loses her babies. A strong wind or storm can toss the babies out of the nest or pull the entire nest out of the tree. Momma may be away when this happens and doesn't know where to look for her little ones. The babies will often cry for her, but the cry can attrack predators, so they may not do it long enough for momma to hear. Now we have a way to help the babies stay in the wild with their momma. There is no place better for them, unless the baby is injured.  

Here is the "path" to reuniting.

If the baby is uninjured and you can put him/her/them in a safe location without preditors (preferably on a blanket or in their nest), play the video (with your phone on speaker or bring out a portable speaker), and wait for momma to come.

This will often work immediately. Or, you could have to do it a few times throughout the day. Give her a chance to hear them.

If it doesn't work after a few tries (or is the call is bringing preditors), call a wildlife rehabilitator. If you are in Northeast Florida, please call us! Otherwise, go to AnimalHelpNow.org to find a wildlife rehabilitator in your area.