...and other wild and exotic mammal babies.



We care for and rehabilitate orphaned and injured wild and exotic animals.  Please call us if you need help with a squirrel or other mammal.  We're happy to take them in at no charge to you. We love the babies and will make sure they get the care they need so they can go back to their homes in the wild.



Serving Florida in Jacksonville,
Saint Augustine, and the surrounding areas

  1. Pre-Arrival Guide

    You just found an orphan animal. What do you do now? Until I can post the information, please call me: (904) 343-5554 Baby season is here. I can give you the info you need to help them.
  2. Our Guests

    Here is a gallery of some of our favorite photos of those who are currently staying with us or who have stayed with us in the past. Many are up in the trees, now, living happy lives. Some even come back to visit from time-to-time.
  3. About Our Hotel

    We house the animals for as long as they need our care. They pay for our services with their cuteness and inherent gratitude. Our goal is to release all of our babies. Sometimes they stay here for a night, but most of the time they stay for a few months. Babies we get in the fall stay with us until spring.
  4. How-To Guide

    Want to see how to care for the baby yourself? It's a tiring job to keep that baby alive and happy. He needs to be kept warm, fed every 4 hours using the right feeding technique, stimulated to go to the bathroom, and could need medicine. Here is what we do for them.